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What is MIC

Mighty in Character means a strong, powerful essence and spirit. It also means doing all that you know for a fact, to be good and true while remaining humble yet firm in your beliefs. Living MIC is based on 7 fundamental principles; Courage, Gratitude, Faith, Kindness, Truth, Humility and Courtesy. It also means placing emphasis on working with children to nurture and develop their best qualities, to ensure that our future leaders reach their full potential. This ensures long-term prosperity for the community, the country and the world.

Welcome to Patchy is Mighty in Character

We want our website to be 1 of your child’s favorite resources for learning, coaching and adventure. It is not only a site for children to expand their experiences but we also want to be a great resource for both parents and teachers! We want your students to learn and grow with us, the Mighty In Character Way!

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Mighty In Character is built on seven fundamental elements: truth, faith, courage, kindness, gratitude, humility and courtesy.